around the world

umbria / biking

Cycling in Umbria you can pass from the quiet medieval villages to the single tracks of the woods: wearing the capri model or long leggins, to stay protected at any speed.

egypt / nilo

Where do you come from, traveler, what do you know about me and about my story? care for the golden key that brings you closer to me: it is the key to life. What will you bring with me on your return? Selfies!


In the newest Milan beating heart, we run as in a virtual reality. Accompanying us with the leaders of the Jungle Performance line, right for the morning jogging to the the evening happyhour.

dolomites / by night

Up to top and then back down? No: enjoy the thrill of staying on top to experience the mountain like you've never done before. The New Zealand Merino wool will keep you warm.


In a background of confused voices that inebriate the salty air: they are fishing boats, children of a relentless ocean. Streak of seagulls. What will a sardine ever do in the middle of this ocean of sardines?


Postcards from the ice land, between photography sessions awaiting the Northern Lights, multicolored lights that resemble as tropical fishes and random contemporary art show.

eritrea / asmara

Asmara is a reeborn from the memory, a journey through time and in the past. It is resurfacing of memories: spells, precious value of time. Asmara is the flawor of flowers. It is the city in which I was born.

usa / arches national park – canyonlands

From Canyonlands, where you can watch the Green River flowing into the Colorado, passing through the Marlboro Point to the next step close to the Yosemite National park. Recommendations: pay attention to presence of bears and to the oufit, wear a suit in Reda Active Merino Mesh.

egypt / nilo

I would like to know the submerged secrets under your golden water. I would like to be the polished stone that interrupts your flow. I remember you slight, like the breeze that inflates the sail.

dolomites / travel

If you are thinking about your next white week, do not neglect the right equipment: warm, comfortable and characterful garments.

persia / esfahan

In the square of Isfahan the nights are like looks, smiles, colored veils and crowded shops. They are languid eyes that shine at the moon sweet words. They smell of roses and old jeans.

dolomites / touching the sky

On the Ampezzan Dolomites, from the Seceda plateau, you can see the Ortles to Sellas, up to the Sassolungo. During the afternoon the area turns in a dark and mysterious atmosphere, against the morning when we climb to the summit to admire the sunrise surroneded clouds. In the backpack only Merino Mesh Skin t-shirts to wear one over the other.

danakil / ethiopia

With Balaa the spark of the recognizable souls has been lit. Like a pearl in the salt desert, it slips off into horizon with its dromedary. I would like to stop the time, to talk with it again.

scotland / surf

In Stornoway, Scotland, we met Connel, ready to teach surf lessons. He also took us to give a look at the wonderful Tolsta Beach. In perfect harmony with the waves, surfing and wearing under the suit the 100% Reda Active Merino Jersey t-shirt.

hong kong

The city you do not expect floats between past and future, moves without stop. It is a beating heart and ancient soul. Without an aim I pass between historic and modern architectures.

umbria / camping

In Umbria, dawns and sunsets have drown our days. With our garments in pure Rewoolution Merino wool: functional, lightweight, perfect for camping and outdoor sports.